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where are all my toys?

from the fountain of my psyche to your page.

26 September 1968
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yo. i'm spike. i am a musician ( check out milkbar_band), an amateur photographer, a referee for the Minnesota RollerGirls amongst other things.

i've got 2 journals online - my journal at brain stem - and this one - my live journal. where i blather stuff whenever it foams up in my head.


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80's, angelina jolie, australia, bagels, bashing microsoft, bbq, being lazy, big black, big comfy beds, blinky bill gummy bears, blonde hair, blue eyes, buying expensive toys, buying things, cabaret metro, cats, cheese, cheesecake, cheesey poofs, chicago, chinese food, chocolate, cirque du soleil, claudia black, clubbing, cowboy bebop, crusty french bread, cute girls, cute waitresses, da bears, dancing, depeche mode, doc martens boots, dogs, down comforters, driving fast, duran duran, elastica, farscape, fetish photography, food network, fried chicken, friends, front242, garbage, geek girls, gir, girls with accents, goth girls, greek food, green eyes, grey eyes, grrls, gummi bears, halo, hanging out with erin, hanging out with friends, impersonating cartman, invader zim, inxs, italian food, james bond, keira knightley, kissing, kissing girls, kitties, kylie minogue, las vegas, liz phair, love and rockets, lucy liu, lyin on the beach, macs, making her laugh, mary lou lord, mexican food, michelle yeoh, ministry, minneapolis, minnesota, minnesota rollergirls, movies, music, naked raygun, new order, open wheel racing, peta wilson, photography, pinky and the brain, pixie sticks, pizza, playing guitar, pool, pop will eat itself, popsicles, portishead, punk, punk girls, punk rock, raelee hill, raven hair, sarcasm, scuba diving, sex, shaved body parts, shirley manson, shopping, shopping at target, simpsons, singing, singing in the car, sleep, sleeping in, south park, stargate sg1, staying up late, sugar, sushi, sweet tarts, t-shirts, target, technology, text messages, the breeders, the chase, the clash, the crystal method, the cure, the mighty lemon drops, the pixies, thomas crowne affair, velocity girl, waffles, watchingpeoplemakethesamemistakesoverandover, wendy's, west wing, women, zhang ziyi