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last night was the MNRG 2nd home bout. it was a great bout. there was much awesome action on track and the final scores really didnt show the tenacity and drive that each team was playing with. it was great. i was sad that ande2713 wasn't able to make it. i can't wait to talk to her and chat about ... my first live bout reffing experience! yeah... that was fun. i was super anxious about it the whole day, but it turned out to be just fine. a few missteps and a few missed calls... but at least i didnt fall flat on my face! (always a fear for me)
it really gave me a much greater appreciation for the amount of skating that the refs do. especially considering i was minding the penalty box (can we still call it spike's house?) for the first half, and then second half i skated the back of the pack... so in essence i skated a full game, where some of the refs skate 2 games.

ok that was a lame recap. the games themselves were awesome. i can't believe we bout again in less than two weeks!
Tags: derby, mnrg
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