spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

memory spark

nibblesonwords posted these pics... they brought forth this memory from last weekend:

clems/tangerinesclose up of fruitsgiant lemons.

when stella and i were in tucson we stayed at a house that had a lemon tree in one corner of the backyard and a weird orange like thing in another.

neither had been properly pruned or picked so were both overladen with rotten fruit.

the first morning we were there we woke up and went out into the sun in the backyard and just basked in the 60°F sunlight. it was so nice to us. there was a man made pond w/ waterfall that the pump was clogged... our hostess fished out the tube and made it work better, and then fed the carp. they came up out of the murk to feed. the house dogs were running around and jumping up on us, and it was in a way sorta magical.

i picked a good lemon off the tree and using my thumbnail i pierced the rind. just enough to release the oils from the rind and OMG ZOOM! lemon freshness. it was a beautiful morning.

then we went back to bed and napped for a few more hours before going to eat a horrificly bad for us brunch at Sonic where i continued in the citrus with a fresh lime slushy. MMMMMMmmmm.
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