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travel housekeeping

  • made it back from Tucson late last night.

  • but still felt like i should be out

  • finally just got through all my email

  • now i have over 200 rss feed updates to read mark as read

  • i want some waffles. preferably with some berry fruit on them.

  • i probably wont have waffles today

  • i need to run errands

  • i feel like i need a mini vacation.

  • Tucson was fun, but it was at heart a business trip.

  • i found a new crush but shes long distance

  • let alone probably dating someone

  • i had some fantastic mexican food while in AZ

  • del taco was not one of those fantastic experiences. it was nostalgic tho

  • i have a much better memory of tuscon and dust devil now

  • i cant believe how much i ♥ roller derby and all the people involved

  • i need to open up my to do list and make entries regarding emailing some people

  • i miss making mix tapes or mix cds.

  • i need to watch some tv to decompress some more i think

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