spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

web two point oh. day one point oh crap.

finally getting back to work on some stuff here. i'm currently sitting at the dining table and i'm about to move the office to somwhere with WiFi and food.

i've been slacking a bit in my job. i should really crack down on that. i spent much of the day that i've been conscious reading LJ and myspace etc, and also fighting with a web template system that i'm using for a site. i'm this close ' ' to making it work, so hopefully by the evening i'll ahve it all working the way i want.

and in reality this isn't web 2.0. its more web 3.0 - where people finally use the web for commerce in small bites rather than huge conceptual things. although i think a think tank of ideas from people i know could definatly lead to bigger things.

but thats for the next business change... ;)
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