spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Milkbar News: XPOST

Milkbar news ahoy!!!

Over here in the US of A, most of us are still recovering from copious amounts of eating and drinking on the feast of thanks - Thanksgiving.

We've got news! boy do we!

First off, Beat Master Matt SMNZ has left the country on a indefinite tour of duty teaching the ways of the SMNZ (or maybe its just teaching english. one or the other) in South Korea.

Second, we welcome Vocalist Sarah to our ranks! She'll be helping out on vocals and will be working with Vocalist Typhoid to round out our sound.

Third, and most importantly, Milkbar is involved in a Battle Of The Bands!!!
Thats right! You can help support Milkbar by voting online every day from now until December 8th!
All each vote needs is a valid email address. and each email address can vote once a day! so get out the vote and vote for Milkbar!!!
The top 5 bands get to take part in a Live Battle Of The Bands on January 6,2007 at Station 4. The winning band (determined by audience reaction - so if we get in you better get your calendars booked to help cheer us on!!!) will then go on to play the January 27, 2007 Minnesota RollerGirls bout !
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