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roll out the double barrels!

a polka themed post...
- who would have guessed that polka and derby went so well together?
- i'm really glad i organized polka on skates lessons for the girls.
- funny quote from practice last nite: "huh. one of the band left their Lederhosen here. how do you forget your pants?"
- its hard to polka on skates when one of your toe stops is shredded
- apparently its even harder when theres beer on the floor
- i've run out of polka related topics
- wwdn has gotten a bit ... boring to me
- cleaning is going slowly.
- my craving for a cheeseburger last night left me with a tummy ache.
- now i'm hungry
- last night i shot a really funny video which i suspect is only funny to a few people.
- i spent 40 mins on the phone today with someone i never expected to talk to. it was interesting trying to counsel them on things in their life.
- i need to get my ass in gear in many aspects of things, not just the cleaning
- i have new gear waiting for me to pick up at The Alt. i should do that today while getting lunch. hmm. perhaps i should have something from the falafel king?
- oh i was thinking pizza. but then i just remembered we're having a pizza dinner with band practice. sweeeet.
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