spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

I am a bubble blower!

Bubble Blower Traits and Tendencies

Bubble Blowers live in a constant state of reinvention. They thrive on trying new things — foods, countries, careers — and their
look is always changing (from mod to soup dragon to robot chic). This endless string of transformations would be disorienting if it weren't for the one constant in their lives: the reconnection they find night after night in The Bubble Blowers pose.
Comfort Zone
The Bubble Blower is a Sea pose. Other Sea poses a Bubble Blower might explore: Cliffhanger and The Colon.
A Tip about Preparing for the Pose
The Bubble Blower is a classic Sea pose, meaning its focus is on symmetry and synchronicity. To deepen the experience of the pose, try playing the Mirror Game (sit knee-to-knee and maintain eye contact as slowly you move your hands, heads, necks, and midriffs in concert) in the hour before bedtime.

Find your own pose!

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