spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

ahhh nostalgia

i have a horrible memory. the short term side fills up quickly and then i dont store everything i should into long term memory. luckily i use the Internet to augment my memory.

so today i was looking at last year's data to see what i had done for Thanksgiving. as i was looking i found a really strange coincidence. on 10/2/2005 i used a subject line of life in hifi and on 10/1/2006 i used a subject line of life in stereo

in other news, i've been keeping myself busier than normal. derby life is all encompassing lately, and the band is on hiatus while our lead singer recovers from a strange malady that at one point left her painfully speechless.

oh, and if you only come to see one derby bout this year, you should really plan to come out and see our bout on October 21st at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Madison's Mad Rollin Dolls are coming to town, and their Interleague team is pretty closely matched with ours, and it will be a great game!

Click Here for details
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