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» would you rather be in someone's heart or their rational thoughts?
» would you want someone to pick you based on emotion or logic?
» if you had to choose, would you pick someone by following your heart or your head?

and now... an exciting excerpt from today's post on capns_log!

Friday was action packed. unpacked at work, came home, picked up Sarah Piranha, then Heather and went searching for hunger quenching foods. the consensus became Italian, and ended up at Galactic Pizza. Still have not had their pizza. but their salad, pasta and cheesecakes are AWESOME. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.
afterwards piranha and i checked out what was allegedly a gallery showing of art, but instead was really an excuse for the beautiful people (aka the Young Upwardly Mobile Pretentious People or something like that) to get free wine and stuff at the Sexton lofts downtown. the art wasnt much to our liking, so instead we did what the event was intended - we looked at the units themselves. not so bad, but they seemed a bit less than what either of us would have liked.
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