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day, night, weekend.

work has been kicking my ass the last month or two. this week has been full of impromptu meetings to get things done. so its been hard to get things done. like notifying everyone of the upcoming Milkbar show, or posting links to pictures i've taken.

luckily i managed to get myself up and active early today, so i have this few minutes to post...

i went with my Minnesota RollerGirls to Madison last weekend. here's some pictures of our bout outside - apparently one of the first times in decades if not ever where roller derby was played at a baseball diamond! (too bad it was so wet and slippery that it was pretty much a joke. even so, i ♥ the Mad Rollin Dolls and it was a really great weekend.)
Pictures are here.

oh, and its good that i forgot to notify you about the MIlkbar show we were supposed to play tonite. we had to pull out of the show (that we put together no less !) due to our singer being undiagnosably ill. :( :( :( :( :(

but no worries, we have another show coming up in september that i'll remind you about when its closer!

i suppose i should get cracking. i need to pack again for another derby weekend. this time to seattle for bumbershoot and the bumberbout!
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