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last night i went to Club Underground where Milkbar, Signal & Report, The Stock Market Crash and Stellar Vector were playing a show. It was a great time. stuck around til the bitter end, and i gotta say, each and every band was great.
it was a mediocre show for us (Milkbar) - but i expect most of you wouldn't have caught the less obvious mistakes, but there were definately a few here and there. lets just say that i need to check my bass' tuning before we start the first song next time. apparently sitting on stage for an hour my bass decides to detune a lil. hahahha.
Signal & Report are always a great time and so enjoyable. i'll definately miss the keyboard stylings of Xian, who's last show it was.
The big surprise was The Stock Market Crash. Totally a great band to go see. i wholeheartedly recommend you all check them out next time they're in your town. (Attn: Milwaukee: They're playing at the Riverwest Commons tonight, and at the Cactus Club tomorrow night! GO SEE THEM!!!) they sound a lot like the killers live, and their CD is a bit more laid back, and the singer's voice is reminiscent of an era of glam that was nicely captured in Velvet Goldmine.
Stellar Vector was a joy to watch. i really enjoyed their set, seriously fun watching them have fun on stage.
as a consequence, i'm super tired now, and i'm running late. wheeeee.
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