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once upon a time in amerika

when i started writing an online journal i used to be able to write a few paragraphs every few days, have them be completely random and i felt good about it.
then i moved to Livejournal and i eventually started writing online diary type entries where i would document each and every thing i did, sometimes every few hours, sometimes every day, sometimes just recapping the weekends. and many times i've looked back through old years trying to figure out just what it was i did the week/month/year before. and its nice to have that... external memory unit. so i waver between wanting to start a new LJ just to record all that minutiae that no one really wants to read except me. but you know, thats somewhat of a pain in the ass.
nowadays i think my emotional need for an outlet of angst is gone. or at least dormant.
i'm happy with things and while there are things that i wish would change, life treats me very well.
maybe i will just start a private journal or private lj community to do my daily log. yeah.
Tags: sigh
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