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drivin on 9...

ah... sunday mornings are so lazy and fresh when its nice outside. 81°F and nothing to do for hours.

woke up much too soon after going to bed. KP kept me up with some video ichat fun and games. (i find it somewhat amusing that i was kicking ass at chess last sunday but last night i got my ass handed to me playing checkers. whoopsie.)

the weekend to date has been really fun. took Leslie out for a birthday dinner on friday and had some tasty foods and really good chat. got home and spent a few hours on the phone with some close friends who were respectively too unmotivated to go out and already out but too unmotivated to make a call. either way, both were very entertaining and welcome phone calls.

yesterday i succeeded in my desire to drive drive drive in the new car. Lindsy and I aimed the car southwards and headed out to a tiny Minnesota town called Lanesboro . After programming the car with targeting information while eating a tasty Brueggers breakfast sammich, we followed most of the car's directions down there. It was a fun drive, a bit longer than we had wanted to take, but the scenery in the rolling hills was great. When we got to the town itself, it was like stepping into another state. It really didn't feel anything like MN for some reason. For that matter, it really didn't feel like the midwest. it had a very relaxed feel which I last felt in Boulder Colorado. It sorta reminded me of the Pacific Northwest as well...
It turned out they were celebrating "Buffalo Bill Days" this weekend. which meant that the park / campground (?) was filled with various tents of stuff, as well as the food vendor carts. Lindsy got a really cool PBR bar mirror for $20 and decided we had immersed ourselves enough in the local culture.
Drove back and gorged on pringles and gummi bears. mmmmmm. as well as some new SoBe vitamin water drink which was pretty tasty.
Met up with the spritely Nikki at the Chatterbox, where we spied the super cute pixie Michelle. Ate a really tasty dinner, and then hit up the Outsiders and Others Gallery opening for "Fashion Statement". It was cool, we ran into Kris and Sheri from Robot Love, rubbed elbows with John Fluevog and others.
Retired to the awesome rooftop deck of Lindsy's Building, watched strange orange lightning and then met up with Ben. Ben was hungered, so we took in some tasty pizza at the Luce.

and now that i've wasted a half hour writing this i should really get dressed and go do some housework and shopping.
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