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"i drank a bottle and a half of boone's farm last night..."

I drank a bottle and a half of boone's farm last night, are you impressed?

those of you who know me will know that this is a physical impossibility for me. however my superstar friend sarah, (#1 of 3. collect all three!) this was apparently a simple feat. and one which i sometimes envy. othertimes, like now, when i know she's nursing a BF hangover... not so much.

however, i did try a taste of some Bell's Two Hearted Ale last night. i was surprised at the fullness of the flavor in it. fruity and floral if i can remember. everyone knows that after that sip i was drunk.

i'm busily trying to get my photos put up from my trip to milwaukee last weekend. kind of hard considering i filled up a 1gb compact flash card. oh well. tisnt like i want to be outside right now.

i had a really fun weekend, even though it was feverish hot. which is nice. ok i'm off to try and do nothing but sit and wonder why my house A/C isnt keeping up.
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