spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Elvis begins to slowly infiltrate the family.

actually not cross-posted to diespace

stolen from frippy.

i love that sentance. everyone should use it. especially ande2713 who has a cat named Elvis, who therefore has successfully infiltrated her family.

so many things to do today.

i've gotta do a load of laundry, buy cat food, pick up, clean the cat boxes, and then pack for a long weekend of watching things go fast turning left. (goin on my mostly annual trek to see Indycar racing at the Milwaukee Mile.) oh and i have practice tonight, so my time is squeeezed down. i guess i can sleep some other time.

did i ever relate to you how my workplace is like the workplace in Serenity? yeah i think i did too. oh well.

and now, cuz i feel that pictures always add to the post, i give you some random pictures from Flickr.

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