spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

bugged out

i been plauged by bugs the last few days.
it started with a harrowing experience for this arachaphobe when i walked into a big old spider's spider web walking from my garage to my back door.
that led to me freaking out and killing a few spiders, ants and house centipedes (aka 'buicks') with some sort of kitchen spray bottle i found under the sink.
that was not fun.
and then last night, i was tardy getting to the place i wanted to pick up dinner from, so i ended up at D'Amico & Sons and it took way longer than it should have. I really dont know why i bother going there. its way too expensive for what it is, and there are times where its just mediocre.
today walking to lunch i managed to get some sort of bug on me which i didnt notice til i went to scratch and managed to smear it on my head. ick.

i hope it goes better as we get into some of the warmest days of the year.
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