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fuch the wall! and other assorted stories

so when i was in chicago a few weeks ago, a few things happened which i decided to relate to you now.

first was the now infamous Fuch the wall! incident. aka the "i thought it was dry erase on everything" incident. over on val capone and corndog's myspaces are pictures of them in front of some graffiti that says "Fuck the keg!" we thought it was hilarious, and so we asked Corndog where we could take the picture at. turns out it was back in his native New York City, so we were out of luck. later that night when we were hanging out at Killy Kapowski's apartment, we noticed that she had a MN RollerGirls bout poster up. so somehow she decided to give us the "Fuck the MNRG poster!" picture. before we could stop her, she had grabbed a dry erase marker and started writing on the wall. by the time she got to the middle of the "k" we had stopped her, and informed her that dry erase only worked on hard non porous surfaces. so instead of a "Fuck the MNRG poster!" we had a "Fuch the wall!" photo shoot.
and yes, alcohol was involved.

the other thing is, we stopped at chicago's Wrigley Field to get some pictures, ended up going into the McDonald's and getting ice cream cones. i also decided that i was a bit hungry so i got a filet-o-fish. thats the first time in over 2 years that i've eaten anything at a McDonald's.
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