spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Midwest Derby Doubleheader Debauchery

So this weekend i went on what we dubbed the Midwest Derby Doubleheader Debauchery Tour. Basically a few MNRG'ers, one Texas Rollergirl Announcer and a few friends drove 3 cars down from MN to see both Madison's Season Finale, and Chicago's Season Opener. Along the way we also picked up some people from NY, WI and KC...

It started innocently enough... driving along... throwing grapes out the sunroof at the other car... and then next thing i knew, i was getting flagged down by a Wisconsin State Trooper. Of course there was about an hour in between there, and it was really cuz i was doing 87 in a 65... but thats a different story...

it was a great trip. i dont know that i can put the fun down in words. so instead, i present to you pictures. pictures that tell a million different stories, most of them short and most of them meaningless without the actual memory. did i have fun? yes. did we find me a girl to make out with in either Madison or Chicago? No. alas.

so here are some pictures. i'll think about posting stories using these pictures in the next day or so.

Mad Rollin' Dolls 2006 Season Championship

Windy City Roller's 2006 Season Opener
Tags: derby, pics
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