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i feel compelled to put together a coherent and 'real' post here. i know its bad when tobermory09 is kicking my ass in posting, so... (and no, she has no LJ posts. she uses a silly diaryland thing)
i was thinking i could do like fireangelism.com and do a 24 facts thing. but i am too sleepy to do that.
i have been eating icecream and sweets like crazy lately. i now know that means i need to get out and exercise and burn stress off.
typing is hard to do with my bum pinky. the general consensus is pretty much evenly split between 'sprain' and 'break'. i'm gonna see how things go through the long weekend and on tuesday i'll go to see a doctor if things are still messed up.
i just spent an hour upgrading my web server to put in some serious external storage. of course i ended up not having purchased a non-windows compatible adapter card. bah!!! oh well. it was only $29. i'll try using it in another pc.
blah. i gotta go. time to clean up, get dressed and find some lunch.
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