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la vida loca

a whirlwind of activity this weekend.
friday i had some derby parties to go to, one which was way out in a burb. after a while i got bored of not knowing people, and started querying friends to see what was up. thought i was meeting friends to play pool, but after a while i got tired of waiting and took off to another party. in retrospect it was a douchebag thing to do, and i paid for it as the party i went to had some serious douchebaggery that i was subjected to. sorry about that.
saturday met up with Erin and had some tasty breakfast/brunch type foods with lucas and matt at Elsie's. fun and tasty! post food Erin and I kicked back with Smnz and then headed over to the Pillowfight.

unexpectedly ran into the lovely Nicolle and took far too many blurry pictures of Danarchy et al but it was a really fun time. from there, with the added Danarchy, we headed over to Art-A-Whirl. saw many many pieces of art. some impressive, some not. had a nice chat with Tony Nelson and admired his new shots of bands at SXSW and of course MNRG. from there, it was time to head over to a fundraiser that my friend Lindsy was throwing to benefit the Susan Komen Race for the Cure.
If you're unfamiliar, the Susan G. Komen foundation is a foundation to raising breast cancer awareness and a fundraising organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer. Growing up as a child of an Oncologist, i'm quite aware of cancer and since my path diverged from the medical field (one summer i worked in a cancer research lab trying to cure cancer) i've always wanted to help where i could. I was very happy that the weather cleared up in time for the fundraiser (it was held outside on a beautiful rooftop deck) and was somewhat disappointed by the low turnout. I did my part though, i partook in a silent auction and ended up coming home with an awesome framed Tony Nelson print of a New Orleans street musician and a Circus Punk toy.
After helping clean up I headed over to a party and met up with some friends and finding myself knee deep in serious hipsters and finding myself yawning i took off.
sunday i started the morning off with a photo shoot with a friend of mine which went ok, i'm still not really comfortable with how i set stuff up, but i'll get better eventually... after which Erin and I went to do some of the other kind of shooting. twas packed today in the gun range. and hot. afterwards we tried to hit up Udupi for some tasty indian food, but were turned away by a locked door, and so we hit up the next best thing - Holy Land buffet. Mmmmmm. ate oh so much. too much. afterwards we picked up her boy and caught a showing of the Da Vinci Code, which was actually pretty good. Audrey Tautou is so cute!
and now i'm back to reading another Dan Brown novel called Digital Fortress.
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