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wait... its like alias starring tom cruise...

last night i ended up going to Lil T's for dinner w/ [info]dandroid6000 and while dan actually tried something new (the LA Chicken - a very tasty sounding concoction with grilled chicken and avacados and cheese) i succumbed to my usual dish. Next time i will try something new. of course i probably wont. theres something about going there that compels me to eat mexican food, and most of the new things i'd try are standard fare. who knows. maybe next time.
After dinner we played some Guitar Hero. that is one amusing game. its hard for me to play because the 'notes' you play are a bit different from what you hear / really would play, so i usually get a bit off from it. still good fun. its layed out very much like the * revolution games (DDR, Karaoke Rev) but apparently its by a different company? Unless red octane is just the company thats translating it from the konami original? *shrug*

Josh met up with us and then we hit a late show of Mission Impossible 3. This episode was written by JJ Abrams who created Alias and Lost. (and apparently is writing the new Star Trek XI movie...) well you could tell. MI3 played out like a 2 hour episode of Alias. only it starred Tom Cruise instead of Jennifer Garner. It was alright, but a bit slow at points. sorta like the show. but it definitely had some stock MI type things so that was good. I loved MI as a kid. i used to freakin watch that show religiously. So its kinda nice to see that the movie franchise is still going.

In other news, i've been using last.fm for a bit. where 'using'=installed the itunes plugin to track what i listen to. its intersting. of course its not completely accurate as it doesnt show what i've been listening to all day on my ipod. and while i know it does have an ipod plugin, i dont sync my ipod regularly, and i dont sync it to this itunes. oh well. if you're curious what i've been listening to this morning, you can check it out http://www.last.fm/user/spikenheimer/
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