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whammy blammy why my pi?

why why why am i awake?!? i left a party at 4, got home at like 4:03. and its 930 and i've been up for around an hour.
woke up all angsty. and full of thought. i hate that.
i ... dont think i could explain it if i wanted. just... yeah... i'm fluxing badly i think.
i had higher expectations out of various things this week, and while they were fun, i felt like i am missing something. which is something more than just disappointment in events. i can close my eyes and imagine it, but i can't put it into words. at least i'm not full of the anger like i used to be...

this is the noise that keeps me awake, my head explodes and my body aches!
  • this 4 hour sleep thing has me wired. i think my angst is both the cause and the effect. i wonder how people do this 4 hour sleep thing.

  • gotta pursue my dream. i want it all and i'm going to do it.

  • i think skating has been replaced by sugar cravings. its all anti-stress. i gottta go skating more now that its gettin nicer and i have outdoor wheels.

  • i'm feeling everything that the lyrics are singing to me today. cuz i love to hear you talk, i love to watch you walk... / i want you to want me!

  • ...........

show tonight. and tuesday. i want you to come and rock out with me.
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