spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

MIlkbar Live this SUNDAY!!!

The Future of Muzik Series

April, 30 2006 @ CLUB UNDERGROUND
355 NE Monroe St (Spring Street Tavern),
NE Minneapolis, MN

9:30 PM (milkbar at 10:30)
Cost: $7

The FUTURE of MUZIK SERIES! -featuring the art rock of CITIZENS BANNED, electronic pop by MILKBAR, the futuristic vibes/violin of the immense-ly talented Zef Noise (NYC!) and the over-the-top Electro-Soap Operatics of LOLLY POP and THE COUTURE CLUB! With live cameo sets from DJ MISS PARIS and JULIAN STEFON (Awesome '80's Prom, Julian's Ride)
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