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I don't think i've mentioned this before, but every so often while working, i get this amusing thought that makes me think of the Joss Whedon movie Serenity. Yes, that one thats the sci-fi feature length film with the Firefly crew.


well... if you've seen the movie, and i'm guessing that most of you who read this have seen it... there is this scene when they find an office building full of dead people... and well... the building has these floor to ceiling windows. all along one face of the building.. and see... the building i work in now? yeah. it has those. plus we have these fancy newish lookin pod-cube setups, all in white... sorta like how the office in Serenity looked...

and last night during Milkbar band practice, while screwing around with a new beat i started playing this bass riff that i really liked. but at one point while screwing around i sorta had this space western musical feeling in my head. which of course made me think of Firefly.

i think i need to watch some Firefly or Serenity again sometime soon.
Tags: doomed, firefly, serenity, work
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