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musique in pictures

this weekend capped off a very musical week for me. starting with the Milkbar show tuesday, and culminating in a weekend of 2 of my favorite bands: The Sounds and Ladytron.

Friday night I went out to see The Sounds with Morningwood at the Fine Line Music Cafe. It was a really fun night.

Stella and I started out by meeting up with Nikki and Lindsay at the 3rock with some drinks and a bit of foods to sustain.

Then we hit the Fine Line to catch the wonderful sounds of The Sounds.

Afterwards we hit up Psycho Suzis for some post show drinks and chatter.

while there, ran into the pricess of goth prom, who was traveling in disguise.

Saturday night Stella and I teamed up again to catch Ladytron at First Ave. opening act The Presets.

The Presets are a super awesome 2 piece out of Sydney, Australia who have a sound very reminiscent of The Faint but with some incredible stage presence that harkens back to the 80's.

When finally Ladytron hit the stage, it was... incredible.

Its quite unfortunate that their set was plagued with technical issues, what from Mira's Korg dying, to Helen's In-Ear wireless monitor in constant need of tending. Even without them, their performance was incredible. I had heard/read that Ladytron did not use Sequencers for their live shows, and i was suitably impressed by their ability to perform every song 'live'. Granted it took 6 of them to do it, but it was very cool.

After the show a famished Spike and Stella hit up some tasty Luce 'za and salad and then walking back to the car we spotted this monster:

According to Norah, its a Giant Water Bug, also known as a Toe-Biter.
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