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doot doot doot (to steal a phrase from terrrrrra)

in a relatively good mood. i'm sure it will pass the minute i start feeling the low sleep hours i've been at.
i'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fun times i had last night. had what i thought was a good Milkbar practice, followed by what amounted to a really hard night of derby skating for me. not sure why. it wasn't much more than the skating i did last thursday, but ... i have a feeling i skate better after a warm up (i missed warm up cuz band practice makes me late to derby practice). and sure enough after a while i was skating much better. plus i think i am off kilter in balance / health the last few days.
the usual post practice outing wasn't to be had as everyone dissipated to four winds. although M and i ended up at the monkey's house to play with the memphis. I ended up going with Joe to help my friend out with a video clip for an application for an MTV / Rolling Stone internship. Which on some respects i'll be sad if she gets, since i think i'd rather have her around lugging a 40 around everywhere.
after that, Joe and i hit up lil t's for a way too late dinner. which was very tasty and we discussed the various things you discuss at 1am at lil t's. turned out our very friendly waitress was from tucson, so we had a fun time talking to her. and then her runway modelesque boss lady came and sat with us and told us some stories. and really, who can turn down a hot girl in sparkly shoes and tight pink sweatpants? not us.

anyways, it was fun. i suppose i could look back and wish that there were other people there, but i've learned to let things play out as they will. although i think i let that happen too much. so there will come a time where i strike out and make things happen.
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