spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

an entry with nothing to do with the hanson twins

i just finished reading an update from a friend of mine who's mother is dying of cancer. it saddens me deeply to know this. i always liked her mom. she was always really cool. it saddens me to know that one of my best friends is going through this pain and anguish. but like she wrote in her journal, perhaps it would be better to not have her mother going through the torment she is in. i don't know. quality of life and all that.
i'll always remember the good memories. and the one not so pleasant memory where we walked out on dinner due to an argument. At least when she goes, she'll be able to see her dog Toots again.

my mood seems to have lifted a bit. not sure what or why, but any port in a storm right?
i can't believe its nearly the end of march. seriously? where did time go? i just hope that i make it through april. work is going to be really busy getting things done.

and now it is time to attempt sleep.
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