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ah yes. the monday morning recap of the events of the weekend.
where sometimes it feels like a big challenge to remember what exactly happened. but i've found that this sort of exercise actually comes in quite helpful in getting my mind back into the swing of the workweek. its quite often that i leave work on a friday afternoon quite ready to forget everything i've been working on. then come monday morning i return to my desk and find i have no idea where i left things at in the various projects i'm working on. but i digress...

Friday afternoon at work was filled with packing (not much packing but packing nonetheless) since starting today i will be working in a new office. a bunker like affair with half height cube walls (this should be interesting). oh i wonder how many times i'll be driving mindlessly out to Eden Prairie at 9am in my morning fog...
the nice thing was i got out of work early, allowing me ample time to get to St Paul for the Saint Patrick's Day parade and post parade MNRG happy hour. of course somehow i ended up not getting there until around 5, by which time the happiness was in full swing, if you catch my drift. in the next few hours, much debauchery was had, and a fun time was had by all. So much so that by 9pm i was exhausted and ready to go get some food. Ended up home and in bed by 11:30, which was quite the surprise when i realized it the next day. I usually dont sleep that early on a work night!
Saturday i tried to raise some friends for activities, but to no avail. instead i took some much needed time to watch a few hours of recorded sci-fi channel 'season' finales and then decided to grab some thai food. since mr Jeffrey had contacted me earlier about some possible sledding activities we talked about trying out this thai place in st paul that had been raved about by friends. I decided to try and raise more peeps, so started the phone processing. in the end, i managed to get Heather to go, and so the three of us journeyed to Ruam Mit for some very tasty thai food. After parting ways with Jeff, we made our way back to Minneapolis and headed to Suzi's where we awaited Sarah and LIndsy. the road to hell is surely populated by some of the people who were there that night. oi. at what point did Suzi's become Psycho Suburb's ? i distinctly remember the initial onslaught of the burbtypes, but that night was just... completely overrun. so sad.
Sunday started as another lazy day, when Heather called and insisted i had nothing better to do than to go with her to the MOA to see Sarah at M•A•C to get some makeup. Its always really fun and cool to see a friend at work, especially when they're totally in their element. Ended up popping in and out of a few stores at MOA before hunger took over and we ended up at Big Bowl for some more spicy asian cuisine. Came home, and we mounted an Ikea Bertby wall cabinet I had put together earlier in the week on the wall. Then it was time to go to derby practice. Practice ended early and I ended up going with Stella and Roxanne to one of our usual haunts to get some eats. much amusing discussions were had and we ended the night with talk of laundry and sleep.
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