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freakazoid = syndrome

-initiate random stream of consciousness entry
• whirlwinds of thoughts and feelings and its getting stuffy in this head.
• i think its strange that i go to bed earliest on a weekend night.
• why is it so hard to make these symbols ( • « » º ) on a windows machine? i find myself missing my mac at work while working on
• pita chips are good. but not as good as with tabouleh (props to ladygaia)
• pita chips are however not easy to spread brie on. they keep breaking
• the paranormal has always been something i believed in, but never witnessed. this morning i woke up and went into the bathroom and found that the sink stopper had been pulled out and was lying in the sink. its not something i think the cat could have done.
• paranoia self destroyer
• hate is a bad pastime
• certain addictions are fun once you accept it
• censorship is dangerous
• who can turn the world on with her smile?
• who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
• its quite possible i just like taking care of them
• it might be time to play iTunes 8 ball
• boredom.
Tags: ghosts, paranormal
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