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things things things.

it was not a relaxing night. was at work really late due to a problem i had to support. then i was late to band practice, which consequently went late, meaning i had to rush and was very late to derby practice.
and then we didnt hang out afterwards which sucked cuz i was all wound up. ended up home, chatted online with a few people, then ended up on the phone for a few hours with someone. it was a great convo, cut short by a dead phone battery. then i ended up back on the phone to someone else, and now i'm wound up again.

but yeah. things things things.

and damn that work thing.

oh and yeah. i had 2 freakin bottles of diet dr pepper yesterday and it made me wig out. today i had one. I AM TRYING NOT TO DRINK ANY!!! man. that caffeine shit is makin me crazy. i'm so going into a training diet and regimen as soon as its nice enough to be outside.
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