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so my mood improved considerably yesterday. i made myself go out of the house and ended up looking into buying some really nice new glass for my camera. and by 'nice glass' i mean a professional grade lens. decided that i'd rather have new and that i really did not want to deal with sales people, so i ended up walking out of the photo store i went to.
Called up someone i hadn't seen in a while and made plans to bum around town. while i was waiting for her to get ready, i ended up down by the river and decided to take some pictures (since i had my camera with me and it was a nice day). when i finally met up with my friend, we decided to run around the industrial parts of town and shoot some pics. one of our mutual favorites?
keep alert - keep alive
afterwards we went over to Origami for some martini ichitini drinking and a lot of sushi. for a first time sushi eater she was really good. she decided she loved the sashimi and hated the octopus. pretty much the same as i am. it was a great time and we toasted each other's new crushes and hoped for the best. all in all a really good time.

oh and i did take some pics of the Gothsicles friday night.
rockin out with the gothsicles

you can check out all the pics that i took this weekend, both the industrial sites and the industrial sounds of the gothsicles here.
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