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woke up after an ultra short rest. it really didn't help that i went to bed at 6am.
got home from work last night and found out that the water main in the area was having issues and that water would be turned off on sunday, and when i went to fill up some jugs with fresh water, i found out that the quality of the tap water was already compromised.
went out to dinner with alexlucard and skywayman and had some fun times. afterwards went out last night and hit up a geek convention w/ Sayonara and Lydia. Got a chance to finally see the Gothsicles, and was really amused. They're just in a class by themselves. Afterwards we decided to bail and de-geek at a pub where one of our own was drinking with buddies.
at close i ended up goin to play with puppies and watching a really... questionable movie. but we couldnt turn away. it kept dragging us in.
when i finally made it home and went to bed, i could tell i had a bad mood brewing.
when i woke up after a very strange night of dreams and fitless rest i realized that the bad mood hadn't gone away.

i've been sitting up watching hours of tv and i think now is a good time to get out and go shopping.
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