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The Devil in Dust. 2006


this weekend was pretty ... intense. Tucson is forever going to be remembered as a place of intensity for me...
the weekend started for me on wednesday as my band had a rock show, (our first ever) which was insanely well attended. then thursday was crazy errand running time while i tried to get packed and ready for an afternoon departure with the MNRG interleague team.
Our flight was delayed an hour and change, which led to much boredom. and tring to corral a baker's dozen of rollergirls is never easy. especially when in reality you're looking out for more than that (if you include manager and cheering fan travelers...)
Luckily we were well prepared and our girls were dedicated to the cause. We were somewhat dismayed by the lack of amenities and ... well... space... in our rooms, which in some cases were so small that the foldup cot couldn't be used, and instead the 3" foam 'mattress' was placed directly where it fit.
luckily, my room was the largest (quite possibly in the entire hotel) and my roomates and i slept quite comfortably... up until all the freakin noise of the city came crashing in. (truck / bus noise, birds birds birds!!!)
we had lots of fun, but there was lots of ... what best is described as... stuff. it was a mentally stressful weekend for those of us not skating, and for those skating, it was physically and mentally intense.
TRD? you guys put on a GREAT time. Gordon rocks and you're really lucky to have him.
I can't tell you how great it felt to win our 5 games, and then how proud i felt of our girls. even when they lost the next two, they didn't lose their heads, they played heads up and strong. And we felt pretty good to have lost to the teams that we lost to. Teams who's programs have been around longer and who really showed us what we need to improve.
And it wouldn't be a rollergirl event without drama, and boy... was there some. i'm sad to say i suspect much was alcohol and loss bruised egos fueled, but i'm glad to have also heard the accolades we did hear, from the powerhouse teams. MNRG certainly made its mark, and i think everyone knows who we are now. for better or for worse. and while it saddens me that people who we once considered friends turned their backs on us this weekend, and in some cases being vocal opponents of us, my nature is to hope that once the dust settles (pun intended) they'll open up to us once again. And there are some that already had by day 3.
there were a lot of things i think that could have been done better. we had some seriously scary moments, like when KCRD's Dirty Britches took a hard fall to her head (she was trying to take our jammer out and missed, landing really heard on her head - shes fell on her unprotected side) and when the track emt's were working on her in the middle, something happened and the refs didn't notice it until our Coach flagged them down and then had the announcers call for Paramedics. Even that response seemed quite... unsuitable as they didn't take her off the rink on a gurney or even in a neck brace. Thankfully, she made a full recovery and was back the next day.
Reffing? well... i think we can all say that there was much to say about the officiating. Now in defense of my striped siblings, i gotta say that for refs that didnt work together before this weekend, they did a decent job considering some of the difficulties that we foresaw with the new penalty rules. and we all knew it was going to be a learning experience that would help reshape rules in the coming months.
ok, enough of that. the Dust Devil tournament was a really great time, and while we would have liked to be #1, #4 behind the 3 teams that were above us? It feels really damn good. I'm super proud of my MNRG.
Tags: derby, mnrg
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