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i've been running around like a busy man the last month.
• got a new job
• milkbar had its first gig
• went to tucson the next day for a long weekend at the 1st ever National RollerDerby tournament.

its been crazy. i just got back tonight, and its a strange decompression time.

some highlights?
• winning our pool/division (Black Widow pool) undefeated
• getting booed and accused of cheating
 • having a security escort and sneaking out of the rink the back way
• winning our next game
 • hearing accolades and respect from some other teams, including the ones that ended up coming in 1st and 2nd.
 • winning 4th place in the overall tourney.

there was lots more but you know... what happens in derby stays in derby...

tonnes of photos will be going up sometime soon.
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