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Act 2, Scene 1, POV:stage left...

Last night we made our Milkbar debut over in St Paul at Station 4's Electrotank! showcase. I had a serious case of nerves that started up the night before... or maybe that was just a poor late night dining choice... just ask any of the milkbar_band band members - load out from my house i was just !anxiety! boy.

once we got setup and got finished with soundcheck, i felt much more relaxed and calm. i had time to run across town to the RollerGirls practice to hand out more free pass flyers and reminded them of our imminent performance time.

When showtime rolled around, i dragged feet and we ended up going on 15 minutes later than we were supposed to, but even then, there was no sign of the throng of RollerPeeps i expected. oh well, we had a huge crowd for a debut show so i was pretty stoked. Stories of "oh, Electrotank? get ready to play for 5 people" and so forth were fresh in my memory, so seeing the crowd we had was really cool.
The show itself was really fun. we played really well and other than the usual few minor glitches it was a great way to have a first show.

A big shout out to OBCT for havin the faith in booking us in, and of course to [space bar] for putting Electrotank together in the first place.

And to all the new Milkbar fans? thank you so much for coming out. For those of you who missed us? We're lining up more shows and hope that you'll be able to make it out to one soon!
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