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clouding my judgement

another short shift in the sleep department last night. but i seem to be adjusting to it. i'm not sure thats a good thing.

Friday i drove up to St Cloud with some rollerpeeps to see Kevin Smith speak at St Cloud State Uni. we got a late start but we were having a really fun time. the temperature kept dropping degree by degree as we got further away from the Cities starting at -8°F finally bottoming out at -13°F when we hit St Cloud. When we got into the Auditorium (ok ... it was really a gymnasium...) the Q&A session was in full swing. Kevin Smith was really amsuing. you could tell he's really comfortable doing these speaking engagements and his delivery was haphazard but amusing. and boy... can he weave a story. We sat through a few hours, then the two rollergirls got in line to give him a Minnesota RollerGirls T-Shirt. Luckily they got up when they did... they became the last 'q&a' that he took!
Afterwards it was deemed necessary to get our drunk on since some of the questions were pretty... painful. a round of shots and then another and another went by. thusly fortified, we made our way back out into the -13°F weather, wondering exactly how low the wind chill factor was... our trip home was peppered (or should i say "Cheneyed" ? ) by urgent stops at a few Rest Areas. its always that last shot...

Saturday woke up painfully early (silly sleep patterns!) and ended up going to brunch with peeps. Later in the evening was a 'dress rehearsal' for the band, and then dinner with friends. hit up mayslack's to meet up with some rollergirls and ended up staying there the whole time enjoying immensely the sweet sounds of Reverse Cowgirl. Their bassist? totally amazing. Slap Bass is one instrument that totally intimidates me. but boy does it make for a great show.

Today? up early again... reheated some of my saturday brunch leftovers and now getting ready to head out to St Cloud again. Why? MNRG is doing an exhibition bout up there tonight and we gotta get in early and setup the place...
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