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life during wartime

*deep breath*

well lets see... i've come to the conclusion that my new job is a really (for me) nice mix of small company and huge corporation. how? well, my 'team' is really not so much a team. its my boss, a few guys like me that report to him, and a manager or two that also report to him. and there really aren't many employee worker bees. everyone is a contractor - meaning we hire them in for a few months and then they move on. so it looks like my position is becoming the 'one guy who starts to own / know about all these various pieces that contractors did for us'. plus we do a lot of 'just get it done' things which dont really sit well with me. and yet, we're a huge bazillion dollar corporation. oh well, everything takes its time to sink in. and soon i'll have alot of responsibility. whee!

in the meantime, i've started to realize that i might not be all that cut out for a 9-5 job. oh well. i'll keep at it for a few years and let it kill me slowly.

in the other side of the spike, i've been having a fun time keeping myself occupied and busy with either Milkbar things as we prep for our show.
Come to our show on Wednesday!!! 9pm!!! be there early cuz we go on around 9!!!

and i've also been busy with rollergirls. either i'm at practice with them or hanging out with them. its fun. i guess it just came at a time when other things that kept me busy were on the downswing. so now as those other things start back up i'll need to find a good balance.
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