spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

stymie! get me a danish!

not a whole lot i have to say lately. work is kicking my ass in the sense of taking up all my free time. i guess thats what its like huh?

i am happy to report that i don't hate my job. its still too soon to know that but i have a feeling that i'll be enjoying the smallness of this place, even tho its one division of a much much larger entity. that smallness comes with some corner cutting which my cavalier self appreciates. of course just yesterday i was bitching about some of them to a former coworker.

valentines day has nothing to report from this singleton. other than i am concerned for some friends but i think they'll be ok. oh and i ended up spending some time eating and chatting with zinthra last night, ended up not going out to meet up w/ some derbyfolk. which of course meant that they called me 15 mins after i had gone to bed. and then messaging me at 3am asking why i wasn't out partying. *sigh*

i'll have to get back at them when we're on the road next week *grins*
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