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its been a rough week for me.
theres till one more day. but the hardest bits have been the sleeping. or the lack of sleeping.

which is of course my own damn fault. i'm coping. i've never been one for waking up in the morning.

in other rough type news, i've got two very close friends going through incredibly rough patches right now. and i feel completely helpless in both cases. the best thing i can do is just be there for both of them. unfortunately one is in chicago, and trying to come to terms with an incredibly life altering event. her mom just got diagnosed with cancer. its big, its spread a lot of bad places and its aggressive. i've done what i can and called in my cancer experts, but you know... its too late. i finally talked to my friend on the fone the other night and in the span of our 40 minute call i think she spent over 20 minutes of it crying.


i want to shoot more photos and soon. of course i look at my schedule and i've got stuff until march. *sigh* but all my beautiful friends need to have their images captured by me.
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