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random thots

»attn vegetarians!
according to vvvvv Udupi has re-opened!

»1st day of work was... eh. i ended up feeling the same neck / shoulder tightness i feel in stressful situations by the end of the day. i wonder how much of that is stress and how much is not having decent neck support all day while sitting in a chair...
»the work was ... ok. still goin thru new job admin stuff, tomorrow morning il'l spend doing a webcast orientation. wheeee
»they hooked me up with a laptop so thats sorta neat. i need to figure out how i'm gonna do certian thinga i'm used to doing... i dont feel comfortable doing LJ or myspace from work yet. and well... i shouldnt have that sorta free time at work right?
oh and i found out that the group i'm in might be moving buildings in a few months. *sigh* at least it'll be closer to home.
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