spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


Happy Birthday to the best friend evah! ande2713!!!!

and in your honor, i present a Sanrio Hello Kitty story, that i just made using http://www.sanrio.com/main/games/storymaker/story_2.html

New Year's Eve was coming up and Hello Kitty was planning a fun party at Erin's apartment. She sent invitations to all of her closest kitties, then went to buy bunnies, to decorate with. This would look sweet hanging on the beer, said her twin sister, Mimmy. After leaving the store with a bag full of rollergirls, Hello Kitty decided to go to the tequila shot shop to get yummy cheeses for her friends to eat. These car-filled beers look delicious! she told the shopkeeper. And I will take some of that fruit whiskey to drink, too! she added. Finally, it was new year's eve. All of Hello Kitty's presents arrived wearing great glasses. fuck yeah!! announced Hello Kitty as she greeted her friends. Just before midnight, they all held chairs and counted down the seconds. When the clock struck 4, everyone screamed shit!, and threw their doors in the cat.

Tags: bday
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