spike (spikenheimer) wrote,



so last night before i went to bed, i posted a post to my journal. or at least i thought i posted a post to my journal. somehow i had managed to post an entry to the designer_toys community. whoopsie.

so here it is again, but this time, posted to my own journal... i hope... ;)

so the day got better tonight.
after a very frustrating day where i woke up after 5 hours sleep, managed to delete all the movies i took at a roller girl party. which is a damn shame. they were all really good. i managed to salvage the photos so i got those uploaded.

tonight i was supposed to have a fun time at home with some peeps, but sickness changed those plans so at 10:30pm i found myself with no plans. luckily there was some derby oriented action so i ended up at a bar in NE with a bunch of Garda. it was a rather cheerful set of garda and i ended up in a really good mood.

came home, made myself a nice snacky snack, and i'm gonna read a bit then go to sleep. not many more nights i'll be able to stay up to all hours, so i'm gonna enjoy whats left.
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