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took a little vacation this weekend. went off to Madison to watch the Mad Rollin' Dolls have their season 2 opening bout. Vaudeville Vixen and total Dairyland Doll Hell Kat helped me get some lodging space at one of her MRD teammates. My outing ended up dragging fellow MNRG Ref Vincenzo and MNRG's very own Wet Spot as well as lokey and my friend Sarah. MRD Unholy Rollers' Co-Captain Jewels of Denile was gracious enough to put us up in her super awesome party house. It was a fun trip, and a nice getaway for us. I was saddened that neither the Vixens nor the Rollers won their season openers, but it was certainly great watching them skate and I'm sure that when MNRG bouts MRD we'll have a lot of work to beat them!
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