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Happy New Ear!

mmmm sooooo tired...

i have spent more time at that warehouse than i think anyone should. but i know that there are a few who spent much more time than i have lately. it killlllls the feetsies.

Yesterday worked on setup stuff for Delusion for more time than i should have. my original plan was to have enough time to hit up gunn's festivities and then to head over to catch spacebug's 11pm set at Delusion. Unfortunately, since i found myself leaving Delusion after 930 with a hungry stomach and in need of a shower, i found myself barely getting back there by Midnight.
But, i had a really fun time. it turned out i knew a much higher percentage of attendees than i expected, and i spent most of the evening wandering around taking photographs as a psuedo official photographer of the event. (after looking at the results i'm not sure that anyone would ever want me as any sort of 'official photograper' lol. not so good. its hard focusing in a near dark room... and flashes when theres any sort of smoke/fog machines makes for ick.)
pictures are on their way up.
eventually you'll find all 217 of them at http://public.fotki.com/spikenheimer/events/delusion/

Happy New Year! i'm off to a new years brunch and then i expect i'll be back home napping. a lot.
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