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With A Slowness

feeling sooo sluggish today.

i was out uber late last night. it was a good time. although my thighs and back are a bit sore.
started off the everning with alexlucard, ande2713 and eatstoomuchjam at OCB. why? to terrorize lucard. and to watch E eat lots and lots of starches. mainly the mac and cheese.
afterwards i drove down to the warehouse space and helped out with some more building of stuffs. ended up staying there with the last few helping out jury-rigging some things, and general setup. i was going to go back about an hour ago, but i woke up uber late, and i have to shovel the snow ice that is on my sidewalk and driveway.

since it seems like the time to recap, here's a quick one.
2005 was a wonderful year for me. it marked the 1st year in more years than i care to think about where i was unemployed. it was a great year in many respects. in others, i have threads running loose right now that i would rather they werent. i found a new hobby, i made new friends, i put together a great bunch of people and we made some kickass music, i learned a lot about myself, i learned a lot about friendship, i picked up an old hobby and made it new, i put a lot of miles on my car somehow, i lost some weight, i gained some back, i spent more money on myself than i should have, i felt love, i felt hate, i felt sad, i felt happy, i felt mad, i felt joy, i watched a friend experience the joy of bringing a new life into the world, i lost my cat to cancer, i got a new one who helps fill the hole, i learned how to cook more, i dipped my toe in the pool of magazine writing, i wore stripes.

i'm sure theres more, but why bother? i'm sure most of you have moved on to the next post in your friends list. plus theres still 9 hours left.
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