spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


i had written an entry late last night but apparently hit the wrong button or something.

no matter. yesterday was all about me getting lost. not really lost, more like me losing track of where i needed to go, and instead going the wrong way to get there. and yes, this is somewhat of a metaphor for my life too... but whatever.

i just spent the better part of an hour reading my nephew's blog. it is really hard for me to remember how old both he and my niece are. i mean... she turns 14 in a few weeks! and he's ... 18? yikes. i swear, soon i'll be hangin out with them at the bars. well probably not, seeing as how i dont see them becoming lil counter culture kids like me.

although lately i haven't really been much for the club scene. its gone sour in my head. i think i'll ease my way back in next week. looking forward to it, i'll be hittin up the special post -xmas hard mondays, and then of course the big new years eve bash.

today i have to install some hardware in one of my servers, and then i am going to start making the ginormous batch of artichoke dip for redghost and saracura's orphan's xmas. oh, and i should find my white elephant gift and wrap it.

to all of you who celebrate the giftmas, i wish you and yours a very safe and happy christmas!

to the rest of you? Have a very safe and Happy Holidays!
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