spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

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live music ringing in my ears

went out to watch some live music last night. saw coldsleep kicking out the keys with his band Signal & Report along with Autumn and Gordon Globe over at the Entry. it was a good show. it was cool running into a few people who came out. and as usual it was good shootin the shit with coldsleep.

the added bonus to going out was a chance to see laserbitch and ninevah, and Erik and I got to harass vaxjo for being a nikonite. heehee.

whee! more paint fumes today. but, the painting is done! and it looks great! now i just need to repaint the rest of the kitchen. and the exterior of the house... but those can wait til its better ventalation weather... whooof.

ok. i'm off to go take some pictures for someone.
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