spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


last night, i skipped out on skating (how was it at the garden ?) and was supposed to go see the 2005 brit's with seilens but to our dismay, its sold out until the 28th. so instead, we went to catch Narnia. that was fun. i liked it. at about the 2nd preview i was like "wtf?!?" until i realized "oh. its a kids movie. hence all kids style previews... dur..."

much later in the night, various events happened to cause me to get all GRARH and emo. :( so i went to bed less than stellar, and having woken up yesterday feeling crabby, it was quite a capper.

today i woke up in time to get a package from FedEx. turned out it was my new laptop! it was such a good present to get after the angst of the late night. especially nice was i wasn't expecting it until friday based on the webpage status thinger.

in the meantime, the contractor's painter dude came in and painted inside of the new door. i've spent the last 5 hours huffing paint fumes and i'm sure thats added to my lightheadedness and joy...
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