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snow society

hmm... a few things happened today. shoveled a bunch of wet snow. ate a lot of tasty chinese buffet with danarchy. chatted online with peeps. went to the xmas pizza party that pizza luce threw for the rollergirls. hung out a long time with rollergirls.
it was fun. lots of fun.

its an interesting community of people. in any social group there are cliques and segregations. when you have actual divided teams, it becomes much more obvious. and whats interesting to me is how still, there are some girls who just are really open and friendly. its cool. if i ever go back to school, psychology and sociology are going to be courses i want to take.

i'm sad. the book i've been reading the last few weeks is coming to a close. i think i need to go buy some new books. or perhaps some old books. i want to pick up the narnia series and see the movie.

oh well. off to the beds.
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